Homestuck Quotes

“You’ve wasted enough time on sleeping and dying. You’ve got to get back to adventurin’ while the adventurin’s good.”
“A true Seer would know where luck is a given, where it is absent, and most importantly, where it doesn’t matter at all.
She would know victory doesn’t matter in a reality where all else is doomed to fail.”
“And with righteous pap and blessed shoosh he did quell his brother’s fury. For the Knight looked upon his Bard all acting up and completely losing his shit and he did resolve to calmeth his juggalo ass right the fuck down. And so calmed down his juggalo ass was and would continueth to be for all time. And the Knight in totally settling a murderous clown’s ludicrous shit down proper said, Let there be Moirallegiance: and it was so. And between moirails would flow bounteous mirth, and they did hug bumpeth plentifully, and honks of reconciliation echoed far and true into the darkness upon the face of the deep.”